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Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's all about the coffee, coffee, coffee...

Regular coffee $3.50
Now that Salvage has a competitor right next door it's about time I posted something about this little coffee shop. I frequent this place often enough that people would say it's my local. A small space "salvaged" by three hombres (Dan, Matt & Toby), it's a little rough around the edges but an absolute charmer once you give it go.
Cold brew $5 - perfect for the hot days
What keeps me coming back? There's just something about their coffee that I love. I think it has something to do with the level of acidity? Or maybe the skilled baristas? I'm no expert but whether it's a skim cap, piccolo or a cold drip I am always happy with how it tastes.

Croque madame $14 - weekends only
Their all day menu is scribbled on a black chalkboard which is extended on the weekends boasting some interesting dishes. As Toby puts it -  "Chef Dan works magic in the Salvage kitchen. Innovative, forward thinking and full of flavour". Kudos to the Chef who now runs pop up dinners there. 

Smashed avo $12 + poached egg $3
To name my favourite dish here is almost like telling people which one is your favourite child. I definitely can't go past their smashed avo with roasted pine nuts and lightly seasoned sliced tomatoes. I always get a poached egg to add that extra ooze factor.

Croque madame $14 - weekends only
I also can't go past the croque madame. The best thing you could eat to sort out that hangover or just to be naughty. It's an indulgent buttery toastie with gypsy ham, melted gruyere cheese, dijon and that bechamel sauce. You'll find a poached egg too - Hello waistline :)

Beetroot cured salmon $17 + poached egg $3
Other dishes show off Chef Dan's skills with some pretty neat plating and clever creations. The beetroot cured salmon is refreshing and perfect for summer (maybe minus the egg) and every now and then different versions of the eggs benedict make an appearance.

Southern benny special $20
Conveniently located near Artarmon station you can't miss the crowd here on a sunny day. I'm not sure what happens when it rains as it's mostly outdoor seating. The guys and gals are friendly and their love of coffee and good food shines through. I think I might resist from trying out next door just a little longer (promise the boys didn't pay me to write this!).

In a nutshell 

Food ●
Service ●

Price $$($)

Everyday until 2pm, Sundays midday 
Regular $3.50, Artificer Coffee
Modern Australian
Friendly, fast
Toastie $8
Good vibes, busy 
Salvage Coffee - 5 Wilkes Ave, Artarmon
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