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Friday, June 12, 2015

I used to wonder why people took their birthday off from work, sacrificing 1 out of the 20 days of annual leave allowed each year. This year I decided to be one of them as my annual leave doesn't accrue anymore. Now I wish my company just simply gifted us with a day off, now that would be a great present!

Me, myself and brunch!
Ocean views and the sound of waves are a few things that I love (that's non food related) so I treated myself with a visit to Balmoral beach and brunch at Bathers Pavilion Cafe. The drive was a dream run with no peak hour or weekend traffic and I found a free 2 hour parking spot right near the beach first round. #winning
Bathers Pavilion Cafe on a winters day
Even better, there were no queues and plenty of tables although none available by the windows. I chose a small round table just back from the window but still with a beach view.

After ordering I did the unthinkable - I pulled out my work phone and checked my work email. Why did I do that? My stress levels rose as I proceeded to respond to an email I found unacceptable. It was at that point a window table became free and I asked if I could move. As the waitress started moving my stuff, this rather short round lady pushed through, sat down and huffed that she was promised a window seat. How rude.

My waitress was polite and I didn't want any trouble so I just stayed at my table. Wow, I didn't realise it was such hot property. I later hear their waitress advise she had already reserved another table for them. Lucky for me this distraction let me discard that draft email reply.

Mushroom & spinach tart $22
Trying very hard to eat slowly and savouring all the flavours, I tucked into my meal. The chive hollandaise was perfect - light and fluffy. The eggs, liquid gold. Tempted by a nearby glass of champagne I was good and had a green envy fresh juice to complete my brunch.

Rocky point
Bathers' never fails me for a good brunch experience and it was nice the sun peeped out during my walk along the beach. I even found a $2 coin! I think I might do this every year. No traffic, no brunch queues, ocean views and eating my favourite meal of the day #winning

Do you take a day off for your birthday?

My lucky gold coin
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