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Sunday, June 07, 2015

A friend of mine is back in town for a few months working at Concord Hospital so I took that as a mission to find a new brunch place for a girly catch up. Just eight minutes from the hospital, the Little Tarte has an all day breakfast menu and a display of the most delicious looking sweets.

Lemon meringue
Bathed in the sunlight on the corner of Tennyson Rd and Edwin St, this cute cafe is directly opposite Breakfast Point. Small and intimate, you can sit on the bar stools by the windows looking out or outside where you can entertain your pet(s) or if there is a spare seat, join the large communal table inside.

Large cappuccino
The three of us sat at the end of the communal table engrossed in the latest dramas, so much that we didn't even realise it was order and pay at the counter service. By paying at the counter your eyes get to feast on an array of little tartes and scones, yummy! Maybe this is on purpose?

Corn fritters $15 additional fried eggs $3
The breakfast menu has nine choices covering both sweet and savoury and for the hungry or not so hungry. I was the hungry one and couldn't decide between the Sauteed wild mushrooms bruschetta $15 or the Corn fritters. I got the latter with extra fried eggs which was a perfect combination.

Scrambled eggs $10.50, additional smoked salmon & spinach $7
If you like to make up your own breakfast plate there is an option of fried or scrambled eggs on sonoma toast plus additional sides of your choice. Here the scrambled eggs was a huge mound of fluffiness covering almost half the plate.

Bircher muesli $9.50
You probably can tell I am not a muesli person so it's quite rare to see a bowl of bircher on my blog. I do love it when someone else orders it as I watch on, scoop after scoop of hidden surprises. This bowl was filled with yogurt and berry compote.

Freshly baked scones and vanilla cream
Tempted by my "pay at the counter" visit, I tried a scone which was nice and fluffy with their delicious housemade vanilla cream. I also had a lemon meringue tart that was just as amazing. They know how to make their tartes!

Dasha pouring my mug of coffee
Popular for their sweets and savoury pastries, it's nice that there is coffee and breakfast too. If you're a local, you really could hang out here and enjoy the sunshine or if you had to visit Concord Hospital drop in for a little treat.

Mission accomplished? I sure hope so!

In a nutshell 

Food ●

Service ●

Price $($)

All day, everyday 

Famous for their tartes
Friendly, pay at the counter
Toast with a topping $5.50
Small, quiet, casual. Suits all 
The Little Tarte - 1/76 Tennyson Rd, Mortlake

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  1. those corn fritters look awesome!

    1. I thought of you when I saw all the little bite size sweets in the display cabinet - all freshly made on site :)

  2. Anonymous10 June, 2015

    I love the "in a nutshell" bit - is that new? :) This place looks super cute!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Not really new, I've always had it with the hearts :)