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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Large, hot coffee $4.00
Elbow Room Espresso provides a nice injection of the very much loved inner west brunch scene into Chatswood. Their selection of beans and the different coffee extraction tools that line the front bench indicates that you're in for a good coffee.

Nice cold brew $6.00
It's not just about the coffees here either with an all day breakfast menu that always leaves me so indecisive. Every time I can't decide between two different dishes but every time I'm not disappointed (except the first time when I got a solid poached egg, tsk tsk).

Hot dog de Elbow room $12
Starting with their signature dish, this Hot dog de Elbow room definitely boasts originality and screams eat me! The fried egg takes centre stage hiding a chorizo covered with chipotle mayo, english mustard and melted cheese. Full of flavour, the tomato salsa and extra gherkins on the side was nice to cut through the deliciously unhealthy goodness.

Eggs benedict on brioche with ham $16
The most popular dish is the eggs benedict, a picture of perfection. A layered stack of brioche, wilted spinach and ham topped off with two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and pomegranate seeds - a fabulous idea to add that pop of sweetness.

Wild mushrooms $14
My favourite dish would be the wild mushrooms, deliciously satisfying. I have also noticed the last dishes on the menu changes which tend to be quite tasty too.

Grilled asparagus and prosciutto bruschetta $18.00
Over summer there was grilled asparagus and prosciutto. The flavours on this plate all worked well together with the soft mashed minted broad bean and peas adding some sweetness to the savoury prosciutto.

Baked beans with grilled haloumi $18.00
This winter there's the hearty baked beans warmer. Yes, the baked beans are house made not the out of a can variety and you just can't go wrong with grilled haloumi cheese.

Herbal "Heal" tea $4.00
I've realised I have just showcased savoury dishes but they do offer sweet and healthy dishes like french toast, bircher muesli and house made granola. There's also sweet baked goodies at the front counter.

Green power juice $4
Cold pressed juices by prodjuice are available here instead of freshly squeezed juices. Very on trend! I missed out on my visit but got to try the green power juice by Emma & Tom. Scary ingredients of kelp, spinach and alfalfa mixed with fruit juice was actually really nice and refreshing.

They have redeemed themselves with perfectly poached eggs
Nine months ago, I only gave Elbow Room Espresso one Brunch on Joy heart but it's time to be upgraded to ♥♥ with perfectly poached eggs and a much friendlier service. There is outdoor seating if you want to bring your dog although I'm not sure if it's child friendly (no high chair). Just remember to bring cash as they don't accept anything else.

Original post 19 November 2014 ♥, countless visits and photos in between
Re-review post 5 July 2015 ♥♥

In a nutshell

Coffee ●●●
Food ●●●
Service ●●
Price $$($)

All day breakfast until 2.30pm
Houseblend, 5 senses, single origin
Modern Australian
Friendly, cash only
Toast with condiments $5
Casual, relaxed, good vibes 
Elbow Room Espresso - 6 Spring St, Chatswood
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  1. shame about your egg but woahhh that hotdog!

    1. Yes, you should check it out if you're in need of something heavy and unhealthy :)