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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Breaking the Moroccan fast

I was so excited when I heard Out of Africa was doing brunch on weekends. What exotic flavours will I be treated to?  My last experience in this African oasis was pretty good, sharing many different delicious dishes for dinner.

A stranger to Moroccan breakfast cuisine, I wanted to try everything from the breakfast menu. Wishing that I could I had to settle on one option from each category "breaking your fast", "breakfast tajines" and "sweeter breakfast".

Moroccan breaking of the fast tray $14
So I broke my fast with the Moroccan breaking of the fast tray. I could've gone the eggplant breakfast stack or the deep pan potato omelette they call a tortilla but the Moroccan bread intrigued me. It was like a Malaysian roti just flat and loved it with a bit of feta, caramelised onion, rocket and quail egg. The orange segments made it taste lighter and fresh.

Merquez sausage tajine $16
In winter I think we all love a nice warm baked eggs. Very similar are the Moroccan breakfast tajines, slow cooked savoury stews with eggs thrown in cooked your way. Torn between the 4 cheese, seafood and merquez sausage options, I ended up ordering the latter with medium done eggs. I scooped the contents of the tajine with my khobz (a type of Moroccan bread) enjoying the combination of flavours.

Rghati with caramelised peaches $12
On the recommendation of the waiter, rghati was the lucky choice from the "sweeter breakfast" section. Described as layers of soft dough fried and folded into crispy parcels in butter and honey I could only imagine how decadent this would be. Served with caramelised peaches and more honey this was unimaginably delicious. Definitely a plate to be shared.

Moroccan coffee $4.90, Acai smoothie $6.50
Keeping with the Moroccan theme, I tried the Moroccan coffee served with cloves and a cinnamon stick. It tasted a bit diluted with the frothy milk. There is the option of Arabic or regular coffee or hot chocolate if you don't like coffee.

Mixed berry & pomegranate frappe $6.50
If you're looking for something different to juices, the acai smoothie is rather delicious. The mixed berry and pomegranate frappe is really refreshing with bubbles instead of crushed ice.

Moroccan green mint tea $5.50
I had to finish my meal with the traditional Moroccan drink of choice - Mint tea. I don't know what was stuffed in the teapot but the waitress showed off some skills as she poured it from a height to aerate the tea and create a froth. After three rounds of this I was treated to a beautifully aromatic tea that was easy to drink although it was very very sweet.

Hassan M'Souli with his daughter
Owner and Celebrity Chef, Hassan M'Souli introduced Moroccan cuisine to the northside of the bridge over 25 years ago and he is doing something very right. His version of soul food combined with the African theme style and great service has created a fan out of me. Worth checking out their weekend brunch if you are looking for something unique to start your day.

In a nutshell 

Food ●

Service ●

Price $$($)

Weekends from 9am 
$4.90 Arabian or Moroccan

Moroccan cuisine
Friendly, accommodating
Moroccan bread basket $9
North African theme. Suits all 
Out of Africa - 43-45 East Esplanade,  Manly 
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  1. Wanting to try this place. I heard the vegetarian breakfast tajine is a must!