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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Eeeny meeny miny mo... to which Surry Hills cafe should I go?

Rustic Pearl is a small intimate cafe serving up the most delicious Mediterranean, Turkish, Balkan inspired dishes and drinks. The all day breakfast menu is a winner for both vegetarians and meat lovers and my beloved eggs benedict makes an appearance with a choice of either bacon, ocean trout or lobster.

Bosphorous benedict $25
Yes, you guessed it. I got the Bosphorous benedict. Huge juicy chunks of lobster pop in your mouth while the brain processes the oozing egg yolk, avocado and hollandaise. Served on turkish toast, it's a refreshing combination and thankfully there's no heat from the chopped chilli - yum!

Mixed wild mushrooms bruschetta $16
I would struggle miserably on a Masterchef ingredients test. Looking at the pile of sauteed mushrooms on this bruschetta all I could see was errrmm... button mushrooms, shitake? All I can say is that it worked a treat with the herby goat's cheese and that green spread of agresto (tasted like parsley pesto).

Spicy Sucuk bruschetta $18 with extra poached eggs $3.50 and avocado $4
This is definitely "dude food" sporting the delicious sucuk sausage. Did you just try to pronounce that? With an Aussie accent it may sound rude but the c is a soft j. Mixed with sauteed spinach, olives, cherry tomato and dried apricots, the labne and baba ganoush softens the dish in a delicious mouthful of flavours. Recommend adding the poached eggs.

Nutella gozleme $14
I didn't know you could get sweet gozleme but here's one filled with melted nutella, warm slices of banana, coconut and almonds. The pastry is slighter thinner and crispier, perfect on a cold winter's day.

There is a bit of everything on the drinks list. Hot and cold drinks, fresh juices, smoothies, frappes. The tea is loose leaf served with cute little tea glasses and if you order a large coffee, you'll get a bowl to sink your face into! The turkish apple iced tea is refreshingly sweet on a hot day with slices of apple and cucumber.

So many little things stand out here, like the sharp knife to cut through those crusty sourdough slices of bread, stainless steel straws and fruit to seal your water bottle. They even apologise that wait times apply as everything is made to serve to ensure it's freshness.  

Eeny meeny miny mo... pick Rustic Pearl if you get a chance. Blink and you'll miss this place so make sure it's on your radar. Don't be surprised if there is a weekend queue, there's limited seating with seven tables for two inside and two tables outside but it is worth the wait.

In a nutshell ♥♥♥
All day breakfast
●● Mecca
Food: ●●● Delicious, cooked to order. Mediterranean, Turkish inspired
●●● Friendly, attentive
Price: $$($)
Atmosphere: Small, cosy, homely with Turkish tunes. Suits singles or groups of 2 or 3.

Rustic Pearl - 415 Crown St, Surry Hills

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