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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Hash browns. Every now and then I get cravings for hash browns. There was a stage where a 1kg bag of frozen hash browns would only last two days in my home. It's something about the small soft potato bits, crunchy brown edges and that sprinkle of salt. So what's this got to do with Luxe in Newtown? They make some pretty decent hash browns.

They also served it with my favourite choice of cured salmon and soft oozing poached eggs. Yes, perfectly set up for a pretty damn good #yolkporn picture.

The all day menu is split into a few categories - "I'm hungry but not hungry hungry", "the most important yum of the day", "the best things in sliced bread" and "more". Of course my favourite category is "the most important yum of the day".

Tijuana breakfast with pulled pork $20
Under this category at the top of the list is their signature Tijuana breakfast. Oh yes, see that hash brown? I would imagine this would be their most popular dish with the amazing tender pulled pork, chipotle cream for a soft creamy chilli hit and to lighten it up, avocado and corn salsa.

Salmon biscuit $20
The other dishes in this category seem to change regularly and to my delight they had a new addition, the salmon biscuit (March 2015). I did not know what to expect for a "biscuit" dish but it was quite the savoury dish with a delicious fried kale side, perfectly poached eggs, cured salmon topped with dill creme aoili and of course, those yummy hash browns.

Quinoa and butternut falafel $20 extra poached egg
Under the lighter category there was the quinoa and butternut falafel (June 2014) which is no longer available. The real item of interest was the deep fried mixed of quinoa and butternut pumpkin falafel which mixed well with the pea hummus and minted yogurt.

Large cappucino $4
Hot coffee and tea is available along with cold coffee and alcoholic drinks. The coffee is a simple sweet creamy affair and the cold drip was an easy refreshing nutty hit. Very brave serving right next door to Campos, a favourite amongst many coffee connoisseurs.

Chocolate salted caramel slice
The original store in Newtown was the main bakery for Luxe, pumping out baked goods for it's stores. I couldn't leave without trying something. Decandent to say the least, the chocolate salted caramel slice was just divine. You'll find many other ridiculously delicious glossy looking slices and tarts in the glass cabinet.

Unpretentious, this old house converted into a homely industrial cafe is casual and quite relaxing with easy tunes playing in the background. Everything in this cafe is claimed to be house made (need to get their hash brown recipe!) so the seasonal changes to their menu is a well respected fare. You'll find the young and old here and don't be surprised by the queues on the weekends.

In a nutshell ♥♥
All day breakfast, licensed
Coffee: ♪♪ 
Food: ●● A touch of Mediterranean and Mexican, menu changes seasonally
Service: ☺☺ Friendly and attentive. Sometimes table service. 
Price: $$ ($)
Atmosphere: Casual, relaxed. Suits all Weekend queues.

Luxe Newtown - 191 Missenden Rd, Newtown

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Luxe also has stores at Bondi Junction and Woollahra
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  1. oh man i'm totally with you, hash browns are the best things ever, i can only imagine how good they would be with gooey egg yolks!