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Sunday, March 01, 2015

"Is it bacon day?" ~ Homer Simpson

Drop into Cuckoo Callay and its bacon day, every day as they bring you the Bacon Festival. Bacon supplied by Black forest smokehouse, the creative menu celebrates bacon in ways I couldn't even imagine with eight dishes (some gluten free) and four bacon twisted drinks.

Drizzle sticks $10
We started with the drizzle sticks, smoked streaky bourbon bacon covered with chocolate and hazelnut. My brain was confused as I ate the jerky textured bacon and thought of salty caramel.

Bacon all the rules $24
This bacon smorgasbord will sure put you into a bacon coma. Sitting on slices of sourdough bread, there's maple bacon, bourbon bacon, bacon steak, bacon sausage and bacon crumbed poached eggs. The bacon sausage was the best.

What a croque of bacon $19
Cleverly named, this was my favourite dish. A bursting croquette of bacon, basil and cheesy vintage cheddar lapped up the pea puree and oozing egg yolk as a delicious combination. Another lighter option is Jammin' bacon ($9) or the Bacon, get in my belly ($20) with pork belly and coriander salad.

Don't go bacon my heart $19
For some serious dude food, there's the Bacon dawg ($16) a roll with crispy pork belly or the Don't go bacon my heart, a beer candied bacon and popcorn chicken burger. The burger was a sweet sensation with optional pickles on the side to cut the flavours.

Cuckoo Callay didn't forget about the sweet tooths putting on the Ya bacon me crazy ($20), buttermilk pancakes with caramel cinnamon icecream and you guessed it - three different versions of bacon!

Smokey bourbon bacon with fresh apple juice $12
Onto the drinks, we didn't get to try the bloody bacon cuckootail ($14) but the Shake 'n' bacon ($9) is a rocking sweet maple milkshake with small bacon pieces and the feral smoked porter dark ale ($10) is a bitter tasting beer from the WA. With no hint of bacon, the smokey bourbon bacon tasted like freshly squeezed apple juice with a pretty piece of decorative bacon.

If all this bacon is making you hungry, you have until the end of April 2015 to check it out!

Cuckoo Callay - Newtown Railway Station, Shop 324B Erskineville Rd, Newtown

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  1. i had the ya bacon me crazy the other day and it was amaaazing and now i need to try the entire menu!