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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Three Queens on King brings a touch of British brunch royalty to this quiet end of King St. Still fresh and new, it sits on a corner away from the busy hub of Newtown with plenty of nearby street parking and so far, no queues.

Light, spacious and clean, it has a very similar vibe to it's older sibling St Jude. Paper marche horses decorate the cafe along with a clutter of ornaments and knick knacks on the high shelves. If you look closely you'll find a framed picture of Prince William, Kate and baby George.

There is a great selection for all day brunching and they rock out their own version of specialty cold drinks - peach iced tea, ginger beer or limonade $5 and hot teas including fennel twig $4.50. Make sure you ask about their specials as there is always something different.

Special - Bubble & squeak with poached eggs $14.50
One week, Bubble and squeak was a special - how very English. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring out the black pudding for an English breakfast one day. You can keep it simple and order toast with Three Queens conserve $6 or eggs your way with toast $9.50 plus an addition of sides.

Toad in a hole (Aussie version) $12 + avocado $4 +bacon $4
You could go with the slightly different Toad in a hole (Aussie version) $12. If you don't know what to expect, there is an egg cooked inside a bun topped with a fried egg. The top of the bun is soaked in butter and bacon bits. Add some bacon as sides and it's a bacon and egg roll.

Croque madame $16 + bacon $4
If possible, try the french classic croque monsieur $13.50 or with an extra egg, the croque madame $16. There are other classics such as bircher muesli $9 or the cured salmon salad $19 and not so classic like the soft shelled crab salad $19 or the tequila chicken sandwich $14.

Zucchini mint and fetta cake $16.50
Three Queens brings the zucchini mint and fetta cake to rival St Jude's pumpkin and sweet corn fritters. It's a close call but they are both quite different. Rocket is tossed in a wholegrain mustard dressing served with fresh crumbed fetta which is different to the hollandaise covered pumpkin and sweet corn fritters.
Strawberry & yogurt cake $7
It's not hard to treat yourself to something sweet here. The strawberry and yogurt cake was amazing and I was so tempted to order the apple fritters with toffee sauce $16.50 but I really need to watch my waistline.

This cafe is yet to spam Instagram and has escaped the weekend brunch queues so far. I like the fact that you can easily find parking, it's menu simple with some interesting twists and the place is unpretentious.  

In a nutshell 

Food ●

Service ●

Price $$

All day, everyday 
Regular $3.50, RUSH

Modern cafe Australian
Friendly, fast
Toast with 3 conserves $6
Relaxed, light and spacious 
Three Queens on King - 4/2-4 King St, Newtown

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