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Sunday, May 03, 2015

KIN by Uel + Shanelle (us)

That's the beginning of the puns and dad jokes. If you remember the "newly weds" from #MKR2014, Uel was the King of dad jokes. You only need to look at the menu to see his influence on the names of dishes. It's a cleverly named cafe and you definitely feel welcomed and a part of their foodie family.

Greeted by Uel, I was slightly star-struck and lost for words. He definitely is a man of charm, schmoozing with the guests and playing the host role. Meanwhile without breaking a sweat, Shanelle is plating up for everyone in the busy open kitchen.

Turning up fashionably late, I was lucky Jenny (from Jenny Chews) was already waiting in the queue for about 15 minutes with the many other hungry people. We were seated shortly after on a long wooden communal table where we were served pretty quickly.

Regular cappucino $3.50
Reuben Hills coffee is offered in pretty porcelain bowls with no handles. You can choose from the house blend or single origin and have it either black, white, iced or sweet. A good addition for brunchers that crave the caffeine fix.

Congee $15.00
The first time I ever had Congee out, it was 2am at Superbowl in Chinatown. I had no idea what a chinese doughnut was then, so when I saw it on the menu here I was ready. Fresh ginger and chilli accompanied this dish along with the crunchy chinese doughnut and the surprise egg sitting at the bottom. Quite the traditional Asian dish.

Miso yummy $17
Miso yummy was definitely so yummy. I loved the flavours of the spinach ball rolled with sesame along with the lightly battered salmon fillet and the gooey eggs. Definitely a favourite for me.

Snap crackle plop $10
Snap crackle plop is Uel's favourite dish and you can see why. The crispy chicken skin crackle just snaps and dissolves in your mouth while the plop of egg adds another layer of texture to the traditional fried rice.

NaNa FuFu smoothie $7
For two girls, we could only eat so much so we had to skip the other tempting dishes like the waffle belly and bao cheeky wow wow (you might need to ask Uel about that one!).  We did order from the drink list with Jenny braving the NaNa Fufu smoothie. Jenny approved the mix of banana, tofu and honey.

Oolong tea $4.50
I went for the safe bet and had Oolong tea.  Perfect for the wind down after the big brunch feast. The interior here is very relaxing and inviting with low hanging lights and quirky bird cages. The walls are lined with knick knacks from the couples family home.

Overall, this cafe serves up homely Asian cooking with heart and soul. It's popularity cannot be overlooked and no doubt will continue. If you ever scroll through instagram, KIN by us has a distinct and consistent style in plating and quality of food. Why not give it a try?

Read more here for Tym Yee's great article about the start up of KIN by us with an interview with the couple behind the concept.

In a nutshell 

Food ●

Service ●

Price $$

All day from 7am, Mon - Sat 
Regular $3.50, Reuben Hills

Modern Asian
Friendly, fast
Toast $5
Good vibes, cheerful, really busy 
KIN by US - 2 Saunders Close, Macquarie Park

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