Macca's Big Breakfast

Sunday, November 02, 2014

On every breakfast menu, there is always the usual suspect - the big breakfast.  Usually it's designed to make that hangover a bit more bearable, feed that grumbling belly or meet the brief to cover both breakfast and lunch.

For me, it is forever a childhood memory where my parents would spoil us at McDonald's for breakfast. Without fail, it was five big breakfasts and one hotcakes to share before the boys ran off to play in the playground.

Old skool slippery dip and the family fast food breakfast spread

So what happened to the McDonald's big breakfast?
No longer on the menu, I suppose no one has really missed it as it hasn't made a return. 

Source: Mc'Donalds website
I remember it was so exciting, every time working out how I was going to eat my big breakfast. I would butter the english muffins with the fluffy white butter that would just dissolve, then it was either the scrambled eggs or sausage patty. Sometimes I would stack on the hash brown too but the challenge was always to eat the muffin without spilling anything.

It may have been that defining moment that has now made me brunch crazy!

What's your favourite childhood breakfast memory?

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