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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Saturday mornings are always jam packed with things to do, usually it's the boring house chores. This Saturday was no different but a sleep in put my first meal of the day totally out of whack. By the time I was ready it was 12pm. Does that mean I'm having lunch? The conundrum.

I still wanted coffee and eggs so ventured out to Surry Hills, the mecca of all day breakfast cafes. Spotting the queue, Devon cafe didn't need any signs. After a 5 minute wait, we were seated at the back where graffiti is scattered all over the walls and the industrial fridge cooler.

Triple choc muffin $5.00
The menu was polished with gold printed letterhead and footer and listed the most unique items. Nine creatively designed combinations narrows the choices down but does not make selecting any easier. I wanted to try everything, if only they had a tasting platter.

Eggs blini $19.50 - buckwheat blini, house cured salmon, maitaise sauce
The eggs blini probably the most instagram'd Sydney breakfast item I've seen, I finally got to snap one for myself. Not only so photogenic, it tasted pretty good. The fluffy buckwheat blini just soaked up the flavours with each bite.

Roast free range pork with Asian slaw on brioche bun
How can you ever go wrong with a roast pork bun? This version was deliciously different with bits of green apple and coated with crispy fried onions. The chips and nahm jim sauce (tasted like mayo) were a great finish to the meal.

Roast pork roll $19.50
Not being able to squeeze anymore food in, I had food envy as I watched the "little lost bread", an amazing stack of french toast, fruit and ice cream and the "ogre happy meal", fried egg, hash potatoes and seared ox tongue roll out. Not only do they know how to cook, they sure know how to plate up!

Devon's affagotto $6.50
Finishing off my brunch I got the Devon's affogato. What a treat. Amazing strong velvety coffee with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce - it was the real deal.

Only one way for this cafe - Gastronomy awesomeness
Lunch? Brunch? It doesn't really matter here if you're keen to try something a little different and perhaps inching towards unconventional. Soon opening on Danks St, I wonder what other inspirational meals will be created.

In a nutshell ♥♥
Breakfast until 3pm
Coffee: ♪♪♪ Five senses
Food:☻☻☻ Clever creative, beautifully presented
Price: $$($)
Atmosphere: Relaxed with a little bit of hip coolness. Suits all (except pets).

Devon Cafe - 76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills

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  1. that blini is so fricken tasty!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it seems like this dish can never have a bad pic!

  3. So keen to see what the menu will look like at Danks St. And how tasty does that triple choc muffin look!

    1. Have you been to Devon on Danks? The instagram dishes look great. Thanks for adding my blog to your blog list :)