The moment my results came in

Friday, November 20, 2015

A foodie's worst nightmare...

I had an allergy test done recently. It was one of those skin prick ones to see if you react to certain things within 15 minutes. My left arm was for food and my right arm for inhalant allergens.

As I sat there, my right arm started to itch. I just wanted to scratch it but continued to stare at my left arm. I couldn't imagine being allergic to food - that's a foodie's worst nightmare!

To my relief, the results were clear for food allergies.

Little did I know there is a difference between food allergy and intolerance. I was clear for food allergies which means they don't trigger an immune system response but reality hit me when I found out I have a food intolerance. This is when it causes chemical reactions that can lead to symptoms similar to allergies.

Seriously? And guess what they are! EGGS, DAIRY and YEAST. That's simply everything I have for brunch. Let me have a cry now :(

So for six weeks, I need to give up all these things and embrace my inner vegan that eats meat. New challenge now is to find brunch spots that I can eat at.

I'm still in denial and continue to eat eggs... #saysnooneever

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  1. Oh my that would be difficult news! I had similar testing done about 10 years ago, I came up as allergic to seafood (which I've never liked), and intolerant to bananas (which I'd already worked out for myself).

    1. How random - bananas! Hope your allergic reaction isn't too bad although that is lucky you dont like seafood :)