This section is a bit of tongue in cheek about the trivial inconveniences experienced by those that are lucky enough to brunch. Known on social media as #firstworldproblems or #fwp, the following are a selection of a rants and raves of a bruncher.

ps. The following content may offend or make you roll your eyes but I do hope it makes you laugh.

BRUNCH QUEUES: Why does everyone think brunching on a weekend is a great idea? Don't they know that causes queues at all the good places? I once had to wait 80 minutes at Brewtown Newtown. If you don't have time to wait, check out my list for places that take weekend brunch reservations.

OVER POACHED EGGS: How can I possibly post a instagram #yolkporn pic when there is no runny yolk?  Looks more like a hard boiled egg. Oh the dilemma! Do I complain and send the eggs back? What's the ettiquette here? Stay tuned for my post on ettiquette.