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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Have you seen all the eateries that line the street opposite Dee Why beach? Luckily SeaChange was recommended to me as I would've walked straight past it. Tucked between Sea Bar and WockInn this little beachside cafe has good food, generous servings, a great atmosphere and best of all - all day breakfast.

Dee Why beach, taken while waiting in the "queue"
There's always a queue here on weekends but you wouldn't know it. Instead of waiting in a line outside, they take your number and call you when a table is ready. It's perfect so you can go for a walk to the rock pool or wait by the beach and watch the surfers.

It's a busy little cafe with a tiny kitchen but that doesn't stop the food being served fresh and timely. The coffee is a little weak in flavour and aroma but depending on the day, you might get some clever latte art. Freshly squeezed juices ($7.20) and acai drink ($8.60) are also available amongst the many options for cold and hot drinks.

Californian half size $16.90
When asked about the most popular dish, the waiter said the Californian. Good thing she suggest half size as it was a pretty generous serving. The grilled salmon was tender and flaky and the housemade potato rosti, deliciously floury fluffy.

The local $18.90
Here the local is served with turkish bread and poached eggs all piled onto a plate of tomato, crispy bacon, a chicken sausage and that potato rosti. The real challenge was how to eat it without spilling it.

Veg out $17.90
If you're after a vegetarian option, get the Veg out. The kumara and corn cous cous cake was moist (oh I hate that word) and so tasty with fresh avocado, poached eggs, tomato, rocket and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds.

Fisherman's omelette $18.20
If you like omelettes, there are five different choices. The fisherman's omelette has fresh salmon, red onion, capers and potatoes folded through eggs and swiss cheese.  It's baked so it has a nice thin crispy crunch and oozing with swiss cheese.

Sea Change $19.20
You can also get eggs benedict with their housemade hollandaise that you really can't fault. Named after the cafe, the salmon version had tender, flaky grilled salmon. Other options included the Dee Why sunrise with smoked bacon, Green sea with spinach or Ham benedict with ham.

Dee Why sunrise $17.90
If you are after some healthier, lighter options you can get toast or the housemade muesli and yogurt to name a few. They do cater for your needs and offer a selection of toasts including gluten free (extra $1), eggs your way and you can even take your leftovers home. 

SeaChange has been around since 2002 and no doubt will stay popular. I love it's simplicity and humbleness. If you're not a local, it's worth the trip to the northern beaches particularly in the warmer months so you can go for a dip at the beach too.

In a nutshell 

Food ●●
Service ●

Price $$($)
All day, everyday
$3.80 (regular), momenti coffee 
Cafe modern Australian
Friendly, fast food
Turkish toast $5.60
Relaxed, no fuss, child friendly. Suits all
SeaChange Cafe - 3/20 The Strand, Dee Why

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