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Sunday, February 08, 2015

As I open my eyes I realise I'm in (my) bed and it's 9.30am. Thoughts quickly run through my head... What happened last night? How did I get home? How did I get into my pjs? Oh.My.Head! I need something greasy now.

Hangover heaven - 55 mins from order to delivery
Have you ever felt like that? Imagine, ordering food from your bed and have it delivered to your door while you nurse your sore head. Yes, dreams do come true and I did exactly that via menulog.

The food arrived before estimated delivery time of 60 minutes. Each meal was neatly packaged in takeaway paper boxes with aluminium foil to keep it warm and the toast sitting on top so it wouldn't go soggy.

Bacon and egg roll $6
The bacon and egg roll came in a brown paper bag and on unwrapping it was exactly that. A sunny side up fried egg, a couple of bacon rashers with bbq sauce on a soft bun.

Omelette $10
For a healthier option, the vegetarian omelette with mushroom, shallots and capsicum was perfect to line the stomach especially if you're not up for any runny yolk or fatty unhealthy substances (adding to last night's alcohol?).

Big Mediterranean Breakfast $15
This big breakfast was magic and would tame any nasty hangover.  Two eggs, crispy bacon, sauteed mushrooms, a grilled tomato, sausage, hash brown and toast. The yolk stayed perfectly soft and how did they know I wanted a hash brown? Thank you!

Breakfast special $10.50
The breakfast special would still hit the spot if the big breakfast is too much. There's the beloved hash brown, crispy bacon, eggs and grilled tomato and brown toast. 

I am lucky to have Artarmon Gourmet Chicken close by for breakfast delivery and thank menulog for the offer to try their service. There is a $5 delivery fee and depending on where you order from you can receive first time discounts (I got 10% off)

Having food delivered to my door after a big night out, how can I fault any of this? 


How to order using menulog

1. Go to
2. Enter your suburb or postcode and click Go! (you may need to select from the dropdown)
3. Browse through the listing and select your restaurant
4. Simply click on which item(s) you want to order and to finish your order click on the shopping cart in the top right hand corner
5. Complete your details and select if you want it delivered now or later, then check out and pay (there are also pick up options available)

You will receive an sms to confirm your order and expected time of delivery so you can sit back, relax and wait for your food to arrive :)

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