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Saturday, January 10, 2015

We finally decided to hit up Brewtown Newtown and ended up bopping away to some good old 90's hits during our feast. The girls even started to sing along and at that moment I felt old. I knew the words. I remembered the dance moves. Those awkward adolescent moments... I have digressed.

Lychee & raspberry brewnut $5.50
Not so secretly, I was here for the Brewnut(s). I desperately wanted to try the rocky road one but there weren't any so I settled for the lychee & raspberry one with that little sugar coated rose petal. So sweet. So naughty.

These Brewnuts are freshly cranked out of Brewtown Newtown where you can see the long lines of waiting customers from the main road. We were amongst them, twice. First time we skipped the 90 minute wait for another brunch spot, second time we persevered for over an hour at 10am.

Hangry, we ordered as soon as they squeezed our group of six onto two small round tables. Nice and cosy we had to mind our elbows and carefully balance our plates so we didn't flip our meals onto ourselves.

Corn beef hash $15
Half expecting a round looking hash cake, I was surprised when the corn beef hash appeared as a mound of shredded beef with perfectly poached eggs and for some texture, parmesan crumbs. How did it taste? Delish.

Wood smoked salmon $16.50
Another surprise was the Israeli curried cous cous adorned with flakey juicy wood smoked salmon. An interesting choice.

Baked polenta $15
The polenta was light and fluffy with a bit of a crispy crunchy thin shell. I was reminded of a classic Italian dish with it's strong tomato base flavour.

Iced coffee with sparkling water $4
The short interesting menu with a combination of savoury and sweet options is an indication of a chef knowing what works and at the rate the food came out - a perfectly oiled kitchen. The coffee was pretty good and the little iced coffee, amazing.

Wish they weren't so busy so they can match their customer service to their great food, delicious brewnuts and nice coffee. If possible, try to avoid the busy weekends.

In a nutshell 
All day breakfast
Coffee: ♪♪♪ 
Food: ●●● Yummy
Service: ☺ Free sparkling water, very busy "rushed" weekend service
Price: $$ ($)
Atmosphere: Cosy, hippy trendy, busy, 90's music

Brewtown Newtown - 6-8 O'Çonnell St, Newtown

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