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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Drinking chlorophyll has never been on the top of my "to drink" list. I always thought it was plant food but Dr Google tells me it can be good for your health.

Mint mint juice - large $8.90
Many of the juice combinations at About Life Cafe contains chlorophyll or aloe vera juice. I gave mint mint a try, a combination of apple, pineapple, mint, ginger and chlorophyll which was surprisingly sugar sweet. The cleanser - kale, carrot, celery, ginger and beetroot with chlorophyll was a taste sensation.

Organic coffee $3.50
There are other options besides fresh juices from smoothies to herbal teas and their coffee is fair trade organic. Water is self service, so grab a water jug with fresh celery on your way to a table.

The menu changes with the season as they use natural wholefoods and if there is nothing that tickles your fancy, the display cabinet is filled with a range of delicious muffins and cakes, fresh salads and hot baked goods. It is order and pay at the counter so you cant miss this display.

Kale hash with spinach, crispy bacon and poached eggs
Although the menu is all healthy and organic, I manage to find an unhealthy option. Kale hash, crunchy, battered deep fried kale hash was balanced with spinach, nicely poached eggs and the saltiness from the crispy bacon.

The wholefood breakfast - $18.50
The wholefood breakfast is designed to please everyone. Eggs are cooked your way and you can pick 2 sides from free range bacon, smoked salmon, haloumi, organic tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, baked beans and avocado. It also comes with a side of organic toast and organic coffee #winning.

Egg nourishment $15.50
This pile of green stuff is quinoa scrambled eggs served with tomatoes, kale, raw pesto and flaxseeds. Deliciously tasty, it's warm and filling for a cooler day.

Through a high school friend, I was introduced to a new world of organic, gluten free and wholefoods. This was about 6 years ago as she recovered from cancer and finding a great wholefoods brunch spot was not as easy as it is these days. About Life was one of the first franchises we visited. The store itself is also conveniently a supermarket and natural pharmacy.

In a nutshell ♥♥
Breakfast until 3pm daily
Coffee:●●● Sacred Grounds
Food: ●●● Healthy, wholefoods, organic
Service:●● Order and pay at counter
Price: $$
Atmosphere: Relaxed, down to earth. Family, kids, group and pet friendly

About Life Cafe - 520 Miller St, Cammeray (also at Bondi Junction, Double Bay & Rozelle)
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  1. lol i don't think i'm consuming enough chlorophyll either.