Egg Tip: Fresh or not?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How do you know if your eggs are fresh?

How fresh am I?
Place your egg in a bowl of water. Make sure the water level is higher than the egg:

1. If the egg lies on it's side at the bottom, it is very fresh
2. If the egg stands up and bobs on the bottom, it's about a week old
3. If the egg floats to the top, this one has been hanging around for a while (>2 weeks)

This test works as eggshells are very porous and the longer the egg is out, the more air enters the shell, the more buoyant the egg becomes, making it float. And if you leave them out long enough they will go off and be very smelly!

A fresh egg
If you've already cracked the egg open, you can tell by looking at the yolk and the egg white:

Yolk: If it is plump and rounded and sitting proud, it's fresh

White: If there is a thick, gelatinous layer that clings around the yolk and a thinner outer layer, it's fresh

You know if it's not fresh when the yolk is flat and the white is runny like water, that egg is bad!

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