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Monday, April 28, 2014

Located on a sunny corner, this place was once an old bookstore and is now a busy coffee shop. One of the best in Lane Cove (as judged by me). They roast and brew their own and also sell their beans to the public.
Large skim cap $4.00
There's filtered, cold drip and regular hot coffees and you can tell how popular it is by the congregation of people outside waiting for their takeaways. The hot coffee can sometimes be slower than your meal when it is super busy.

Cold drip $4.50
I don't just go here for the coffee though as their breakfast fare isn't too bad. For a tiny kitchen they do rock out quite a few interesting breakfast dishes and fast too. You can check the chalkboard for changing options or the regular dine in breakfast menu.

Grilled mushrooms, kale & basil on sourdough $14
Recently I had the grilled mushrooms and it was delicious, highly recommend. The other recommended dish, unhealthy but oh so tasty and savoury is the croque madame.

Pablo's Croque Madame $15.00
My Croque Madame wearing a decorated poached egg turned heads. I was a little unsure how to eat this but devoured it pretty quickly. Packed with a punch of truffle butter, salty jamon and gruyere cheese, I was in heaven.

Brekkie Board Vego $17.00 with a side of grilled chorizo $3.00 
The brekkie boards are pretty good too with a choice of either vegetarian or meat. I went for the veggie brekkie board with chorizo, best of both worlds :) 

Smashed peas special $14.00
Like any good place, P&R change their specials regularly and I caught this one in 2013, smashed peas that borders on almost healthy. There's also sweets and muffins if you're a sweet tooth and breakfast is served until 12pm.

Judging by the quality of my photos you probably can tell I've been back here a few times over the last couple of years. I can tell you the improvement has gone from a Sony Xperia to a Samsung mini to an iphone6.

First published 28 April 2014, revisit review 4 April 2015

In a nutshell 

Coffee ●●●
Food ●

Service ●●

Price $$
Served until 12pm 
Large $4.00 P&R blends

Cafe simple and tasty
Friendly, order & pay at the counter

Cool, trendy, relaxed for young and old 
Pablo & Rusty's - Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove

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  1. oh yum truffle butter on a Croque Madame? i want i NEED!