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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Social media has this all day breakfast place covered. The hype is real. I loved it.

If it wasn't for the crowd waiting outside you would miss this cafe which is marked only by their gold logo plaque. Once you peep in, it's a clever transformation of a massive open space.

While waiting outside for a table we struggled to narrow down our selection as every item looked so good. Even the crunchy brioche french toast was calling out to me and I don't usually have sweet brunches. Eventually we settled to share a fish croquette and a narnie plus our own preferences - what two little piglets we were!

Fish croquette with garlic aioli $3 each
The fish croquette ($3 each) was a little novelty that I couldn't resist. Looking like a crumbed boiled egg it was served in an egg carton, crunchy on the outside and oh so soft and fluffy on the inside with a subtle fish flavour. The garlic aioli was just the way I like it - lots of garlic!

Spicy smashed beans with avocado on toast and poached eggs $16
If you are looking for a real house made brekkie made with much love, this is it - spicy smashed beans ($16.00). I was relieved that the beans weren't that spicy.

The Merchant: Chilli fried egg, crispy bacon, pickled slaw and ranch dressing $13 
The Merchant ($13) looked like your regular bacon and egg roll on steroids and paraded for a beauty pageant. Whether it was the pickled coleslaw or ranch dressing it had amazing flavours, a touch classier and much tastier than the tomato or bbq sauce.

Glazed beef brisket, slaw, gherkins, chipotle mayo narnie $15
Not something I would normally have for brunch, I tried the signature dish Narnie with beef brisket ($15.00). Definitely would devour one of these messy little things for a weekday lunch.

Raspberry and coconut smoothie $7
Apple, carrot and ginger juice $7
Cappucino $3.50
Lastly the drinks. We got these pretty quickly with my skim cap ($3.50) arriving after the smoothie ($7) and fresh juice ($7) which we had already been sipping on. The smoothie was an interesting combination of raspberry and coconut which was easily sucked through the big straw. I was glad my juice was fresh and the balance of the fruit, veg and ginger was just right.

At the back, a blackboard wall and small area is used as a kid's corner but I'm sure it also entertains the parents too. 

The maitre d' added a touch of class to an overall outstanding service and it was great to see one of the owners getting amongst it, serving and clearing tables. This place is filled with the echos of conversations but the layout voids the risk of eavesdroppers and squashed bodies. This place is definitely worth waiting in a queue for, time and time again.

In a nutshell 

Food ●
Service ●
Price $$

All day, everyday 

Delicious, fresh, gourmet twist
Fast, friendly, attentive
Toast with condiments $6.00
Spacious, industrial but warm 
Three Williams - 613 Elizabeth St, Redfern

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