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Sunday, February 16, 2014

We were in need of some decent sustenance as our next meal wasn't until 9pm so off we went to Cafe Giulia for their fresh, generous servings. It was a wet and miserable Saturday morning but still buzzing with a queue six person deep to order at 10.30am.

The chalk scrawls on the blackboard provide many choices of all the right things - hot and cold drinks, fresh juice, breakfast staples (starting from $3.00) along with more pricey lavish variations (up to $18.90).

As I scout for a table, there were people scattered everywhere. A few couples here and there, friends deep in conversation, students studying... I squeezed onto the indoor communal table.

Breakfast special $18.90
The breakfast special ($18.90) hasn't changed since I last had it in 2009 and without a doubt it has no reason to. Deceivingly like a stack of pancakes with ice cream, the layers of bacon sandwiched between corn fritters drowned in hollandaise sauce was decadent - hello waistline.

The fritters are not your regular thin crispy ones but more like soft pikelets. It filled every spare gap in my stomach and yes, there was some leftover on the plate.

Keft and scrambled eggs $16.90
The Kefte and scrambled eggs ($16.90) was a lush scrambled mass of haloumi, tomato, mint and eggs with three well cooked lamb kefte on the side.

Along with our coffees that came out halfway through our meals, we ordered the fresh juices ($5.90) that were frothy in large glasses with no ice. I had the beetroot, carrot, celery, apple and ginger that was perfectly balanced and refreshing. The mixed citrus was a combination of orange and grapefruit which was a little tangy for me but enjoyed by the citrus lover.

If you're after something laid back, unpretentious with a no fuss artsy vibe, generous servings and value for money - this is the place to be. The once upon a time butcher shop now a cafe is a proven favourite by locals and food bloggers. It definitely hit the spot for us. 

In a nutshell 

Food ●

Service ●

Price $

Mon - Sat 
$4.00 Coffee roasters

Fresh, generous servings
Friendly, pay at the counter
Toast $4.50
Busy, laid back 
Cafe Giulia - 92 Abercrombie St, Chippendale

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